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Design features
Cylindrical two-stage gearbox of horizontal type.
Application area
Designed to increase torque and reduce speed.

Specifications «Ц2-1120 (C2-1120)»:

Name of parameter Parameter value
Gear type Cylindrical
Number of transmission stages Two-stage
The location of the axes Parallel
Gear ratio 51,0; 39,67; 32,11; 25,81; 41,55;
Rated torque, N * m 149000; 151500; 153000; 155000; 157600;
Total center distance, mm 1830
Weight, kg 16000
Maximum speed of the high-speed shaft, rpm. 1500

Reducers are intended for General industrial use and are used in the mechanisms of load-lifting machines, and can also be used to drive other machines in the range of gear ratios from 10 to 50 in repeated short-term loading modes.

Conditions of application of the reducer:

  • rotation of the shafts in both directions;
  • climatic conditions Y, T, accommodation category-2, 3 according to GOST 15150;
  • non-aggressive environment, moderate dust and humidity;
  • the speed of the input shaft is not more than 1500 rpm.


Чертеж редуктора Ц2-1120 (C2-1120)

Connecting dimensions of the output shaft of the reducer
Ц2-1120 (C2-1120)Assembly options according to GOST-20373
Ц2-1120 (C2-1120)