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Design features
Three-stage narrow cylindrical gearbox, with horizontal installation. Toothed engagement-involute oblique.
Application area
Designed to increase torque and reduce speed

Specifications «1Ц3У-250 (1C3U-250)»:

Name of parameter Parameter value
Gear type Cylindrical
Number of transmission stages Three-stage
The location of the axes Parallel
Gear ratio 16; 20; 25; 31.5; 40; 45; 50; 56; 63; 80; 100; 125; 160; 200;
Rated torque, N * m 5000
Total center distance, mm 250
Weight, kg 335
Nominal radial load on the input shaft, N 2240
Nominal radial load on the output shaft, N 18000
Performance 0.97
  • the values of permissible torques and radial cantilever loads of 1zu-250 gearboxes with a cylindrical end of the output shaft should be reduced by 20%, with gear ratios of 16, 20, 25 should be reduced by 30%;
  • the permissible radial load on the output shaft for Assembly options 13, 23, 33 and on the input shaft-for 31, 32, 33, 36 should be reduced by half;
  • when operating gearboxes in reverse mode, the permissible torques on the output shaft must be reduced by 30%.

Conditions of use:

  • the load is constant and variable in one direction and reversible;
  • long-term or intermittent work;
  • rotation of the shafts in any direction;
  • the speed of the input shaft must not exceed 1800 rpm.;
  • atmosphere of types I and II according to GOST 15150 with dust content of no more than 10 mg/cubic meters.;
  • climate versions Y, T for the accommodation category 1...3 and climatic versions of UHL and O for placement categories 4
  • climatic version of category 1 HL...3 according to GOST 15150.


Чертеж редуктора 1Ц3У-250 (1C3U-250)
Gear sizeCenter distanceLL1L2L3L4L5HH1hAA1BB1d

The gear housing and the cast iron cover are connected horizontally by two conical pins and bolts.
The rotational movement from the input shaft-gear through the gear wheel pressed on the intermediate shaft-gear, the gear wheel pressed on the second intermediate shaft-gear, and the gear wheel is transmitted to the output shaft. Shafts mounted in the gear housing on two taper roller bearings output shaft bearing, intermediate bearing, the second intermediate bearing, output shaft – bearings.


Gear sizeOutput shaftIntermediate shaftOutput shaft
ConicalHollowWith a scalloped crownTypeNumberTypeNumber

The gear engagement is involute oblique.
The bearings are adjusted by screws through pressure washers. The screws are fixed with locks.
The fixed joints are sealed with gaskets, and the output shafts are sealed by reducing the gaps between the shafts and the embedded covers.
In the upper part of the gear cover, there is a hole for filling the oil, closed with a cork. The oil is drained through a hole in the lower part of the body closed with a plug. The oil level is controlled by a plug on the top of the gearbox. Lubrication is carried out from a common oil bath: the output and intermediate stage engagement parts are dipped, and the input stage engagement parts and bearings are sprayed.
Oils are used to lubricate gearboxes: Тап-15В, ТСп-10, ИРП-150, ИТП-200, ИТП-300.

Gear size1C3U-250
Approximate oil volume, l18,4

Options for Assembly of the gearbox

Варианты сборки редуктора 1Ц3У-250 (1C3U-250)