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Design features
By design, three-stage gearboxes with vertical shafts; intermediate and low-speed shafts are coaxed; the supports of all shafts are rolling bearings.
Application area
Designed to change the torques and speed of rotation in the drives of devices with chain agitators.

Specifications «ЦСН-45 (CSN-45)»:

Name of parameter Parameter value
Gear type Cylindrical
Number of transmission stages Three-stage
The location of the axes Parallel
Gear ratio 63; 80; 90; 100; 112; 125; 160; 180; 224;
Rated torque, N * m 17000
Total center distance, mm 450
Weight, kg 2075
Permissible radial cantilever load on the output shaft, N 35000
Maximum speed of the high-speed shaft, rpm. 1500

Gear pairs of gearboxes TSN-cylindrical, oblique, with engagement Novikov; the original contour according to GOST 15023.

Conditions under which operation of this type of gearboxes is possible:

  • load in one direction (the direction of rotation of the high-speed shaft counterclockwise-indicated by the arrow on the cover of the gearbox housing);
  • work is constant and with periodic stops;
  • the speed of the high-speed shaft must not exceed 1500 rpm;
  • a downward axial load must be applied to the end of the slow-moving shaft;
  • operation in macroclimatic areas with a moderate climate (version Y), dry and humid tropical (T) climate, and accommodation category 2 according to GOST 15150


Чертеж редуктора ЦСН-45 (CSN-45)