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The company "Reducer-Project" is the Russian developer of reducers and geared motors.

The main activity of the company "Reducer-Project" is the design and modernization of general industrial and crane gearboxes, motor reducers. Manufacturing of non-standard reducers. Repair and import substitution of foreign gearboxes, motor reducers of all types to domestic analogues.

"REDUCTOR-PROJECT" offers your company services for the design and development of all types of gearboxes.
  • Development of design and technical documentation.
  • Construction of 3D-models and other auxiliary design work.
  • Modernization and replacement of obsolete reducers and gearmotors.
  • Consulting services by our specialists in the field of design.

We specialize in the design and development of gearboxes:

Why choose "Reducer-Project"?

Professional team

With more than ten years of experience in designing gearboxes, we can understand the requirements of our customers and provide them with individual solutions. We offer a modernization option that improves the characteristics or extends the service life of the gearbox, a solution to the "narrow problem", including taking into account the possible solution of the related problem (increased productivity, reduced energy consumption, etc.).

Use of new technologies

The design of the reducer of any degree of complexity is carried out by experienced specialists of the enterprise using the most modern CAD, CAM, CAE systems

Efficiency of work execution

Awesome volume of those. documentation, accumulated over the years of work allows the company "Reducer-Project" in a short time and with low costs to design a reducer of any complexity (standard and non-standard). We have developed more than 3000 reducers.

High quality

All reducers and gearmotors, designed by our team, must pass technical control for compliance with the approved specifications, current state standards and standards.