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Reducers are the main components used in virtually all industries. The main characteristics of the gearbox are the efficiency, transmission ratio, transmitted power, maximum angular velocity of the shafts, the number of driving and driven shafts, the type and number of gears and stages. The gearbox can increase or decrease the motor speed, change the direction of the gear and the torque.

The company "REDUKTOR - PROJECT" provides the following services:

  • Development of a complete set of design and technological documentation for the technical assignment.
  • Manufacturing of customized drawings according to sketches.
  • Create drawings for already existing parts.
  • Digitization of drawings of any complexity.
  • Checking the correctness of the drawing documentation.
  • Modernization of reducers and gearmotors, in order to increase their operational reliability and durability. 
  • Construction of 3D-models and other auxiliary design work.
  • Consulting services by our specialists in the field of design.

Our works

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The design process includes the following stages of development:

  1. Technical proposal with justification for the proposed solution for the implementation of the task.
  2. Draft design, which gives a principled constructive solution and a general idea of the device and the principle of operation of the product, its dimensions and basic parameters.
  3. The technical project, which, based on the developed drawings of assembly units and general views, gives a complete idea of the device of the product and the initial data for the development of working drawings.
  4. The working project, which provides for the design of all the design documents required for the manufacture of the product: parts drawings, assembly, assembly and dimensional drawings, specifications, sheets of purchased products, etc.
  5. An explanatory note containing a description of the design, as well as calculations that justify its operability.

If you want to know the cost of designing the gearbox and terms, then you can contact us using the contact information, or send a request form. Based on your application, we will estimate the scope of work and we will be able to name the cost and terms of work.